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Privacycritic Ltd. helps people by providing information on how to protect themselves, that is, how to protect information from hackers and government surveillance.

December 4, 2020 – Privacycritic Ltd. helps people by providing information on how to protect themselves, that is, how to protect their information from hackers and government surveillance. Lately, more and more people are devoting themselves to the fight against cyber attacks as well as helping others with how to do it.

‘Whether you have enemies or not, there are people who will try to find your info and use it. By putting defense mechanisms, you will make your life care-free” said the Privacycritic leading team member. 

Privacycritic has created a short but useful list on how to easily protect people from leaking personal information in a few simple yet effective ways.

The first thing that is stated is, of course, the password. Passwords are used in many aspects of security systems in life, from credit cards, bank accounts, too, of course, internet security. Therefore this first piece of advice is actually extremely obvious, but incredibly important and effective.  A good password will save all information from hacker attacks and government surveillance. The more random password is, the greater the security against breaching will be, as the obvious passwords are extremely easy to crack. It is recommended to use, for example, a randomizer in order to make the password absolutely meaningless, therefore extremely difficult to crack. The more characters, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters in a cipher, the safer information will be.

Secondly, in addition to passwords, computers require additional protection software. The ever popular-and frequently used software such as anti-malware and anti-virus definitely fall into the category of good protection and should be on every computer for further security. Viruses are not exclusively used to destroy the system, but there are various viruses that when in the computer can extract all possible security and personal information, and thus provide hackers and the government with all information about bank accounts, files, and the like. By installing this software it will prevent the spread of such viruses in the computer and thus save the hassle. Of course, this software must be regularly updated and should use proven ones with many years of quality.

The third item is the duplication of important files. Keeping such information on external memories such as external hard drives, flash sticks, and other similar memories becomes extremely important. Just because people don’t have important information on their computer greatly reduces the risk of it being found. Hide them well and use item number 1 and that is to, of course, put a password on them, even when hidden or put away.

The last piece of advice is not to store information with passwords and usernames on unverified sites and unreliable sources on the Internet. As it is extremely easy to extract such information from a computer, it is even easier to extract it from such websites, which often do not have strong security, if any.

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