Police issue crime prevention tips over Christmas | West Coast Sentinel

Eyre and Western Police are urging people to keep their goods safe this Christmas, both while shopping and at home.

Police are encouraging people to follow crime prevention tips to help keep their gifts secure this festive season.

When shopping, people should secure their handbag and keep it close at all times, and not leave their handbag, purse or wallet in their trolley or basket; and hold their mobile phone firmly or place it in the front pocket of their pants, rather than in the back pocket where it can easily be grabbed.

People should keep their credit card secure and protect the PIN when making a purchase, and ensure they receive a receipt; cross reference receipts with bank statements to check no unauthorised transactions have been made; always lock the vehicle and not leave gifts on display; and before online shopping, ensure their computer or tablet has up-to-date internet security.

While at home, people should avoid placing gifts under a Christmas tree that is visible from the street; record serial numbers, descriptions and take photos of your most valuable gifts; keep sales receipts away from the gift and in a secure place; and if they have to store gifts in sheds or a garage, make sure they are kept locked.

Other tips include to use a lockable letterbox to avoid mail theft; if somebody is expecting a delivery ensure someone will be home or arrange to collect it from the Post Office or courier depot; break down the packaging of large or expensive gifts and place them inside the rubbish bin, but only put the bins out on collection day; and consider installing a security alarm on the property and turn it on when you leave, or install sensor lights around the house and sheds to deter would-be thieves.

Police said they were committed to working in partnership with the community to prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime to ensure South Australia is a safe place to live, visit and do business.

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