ITy Bytes 17 July

ITy Bytes 17 July in this edition

  • iOS13 will not work on iPhones before the 6s-series
  • If you own a mouse/keyboard with a BT receiver dongle,
    read on
  • Swann adds Floodlight security camera to the range
  • Belkin makes cables DuraTek tough
  • Intel adds idiot-proof overclocking to Core i9
  • Brydge Pro keyboard for iPad Pro
  • Samsung’s new fridges have SpaceMax technology

ITy Bytes 17 July

iOS13 will not work on iPhones before the 6s-series

Apple has announced that iOS13 will not work on iPhones before
the 6s.

Now before you scream blue murder, older iPhones/iPads will
still work – just no new features in iOS 13 or beyond that require more CPU/GPU
power or different hardware. And considering that the iPhone 6 series was released
in September 2014 – nearly five years ago – they are way past usable life
without battery replacements etc.

Apple really had to go this way (and it did last year, dropping
iPhone 5-series support) or face the mammoth, some say impossible task, that Microsoft
Windows 10 has in supporting legacy equipment that may be nearly a decade old.

Android, on the other hand, makes forward statements. Most modern
smartphones will support Android Q, and many will support R (if manufacturers release
it) – plus it guarantees three years of security patches for Pure Android and
Android One branded phones.

Here is the list of supported devices

  • X/XR/XS/Max
  • 8/Plus
  • 7/Plus
  • 6s/Plus
  • SE
  • iPod touch (seventh generation)

At the same time, it has introduced iPadOS that is iOS specifically for larger screens and no comms component. It is compatible with

  • Pro 9.7/10.5/11/12.9-inch
  • Sixth generation
  • Fifth-generation
  • mini (fifth generation)
  • mini 4
  • Air (third generation)
  • Air 2

Older iPads will still run the older version of iOS.

If you own a mouse/keyboard with a BT receiver dongle, read on

Two years ago Bastille internet security discovered that a mouse/keyboard BT receiver could be mouse-jacked and inject malicious code into a PC.

Now the hacker needs to be within BT range (typically 10 metres
max) and intercept a BT pairing, so I am more likely to win the Lotto than being
affected. The majority of manufacturers have not issued patches.

One supplier Logitech has responded that it is working on an update for its Unifying Receiver and expects a fix (of sorts) by August.

ITy Bytes 17 July

Swann adds Floodlight security camera to the range

Swann has added a dimmable, motion lighting; true heat detect sensing, 2-way talk, siren, colour night vision, 1080p camera to its Wi-Fi security range. The SWWHD-FLOCAMB costs $299.95, comes in black or white and works with the rest of the Swann security cameras.

It produced 2500 lumens which are the light equivalent of a
100W globe and enables colour night recording. Video clips are saved for free
to local memory for 7-days and secure cloud for 2-days with the ability to
expand to 30-days cloud recording via subscription service. It also works with
popular voice assistants.


Belkin makes cables DuraTek tough

DuraTek uses Aramid, a super-strong material traditionally
used to reinforce protective clothing and strengthen products such as tennis
racquets and surfboards. It can strengthen and flex without stretching, so it is
perfect for cables where the fibres provide a protective casing for the wires

The DuraTek outer jacket is a hard-wearing double-braided
nylon resists tangle and damage. The point where the cable joins with the
connector head is made flexible TPE, and longer than that found on other
cables. This added length and flexibility absorbs stress and reinforces the
juncture between the cable and connector head, preventing separation. Al
cables ate $39.95

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