This Fix Isn’t Convenient, But It Deals with a Major Waze Bug on Android Auto

Waze might indeed be one of the most popular navigation apps out there, but this isn’t by any means a guarantee that everything is always working exactly as expected.

And the living proof is a glitch that showed up earlier this fall and still seems to plague more and more devices out there, causing Waze to always display the first-time setup prompt on Android Auto.

More specifically, every time users launch Waze on Android Auto, the app just displays the initial setup screen that requires them to complete the wizard on the mobile device.

It looks like Waze hasn’t been set up for the first time, open your app on your phone to complete it,” this message that shows up on Android Auto reads.

Users have tried all kinds of workarounds given that Google is yet to release a fix, and someone on the official forums claims they finally discovered a solution that brings things back to normal.

It’s a rather impractical workaround, but at least it does its job, so if you do come across the aforementioned bug, here’s what you must do.

First and foremost, before you connect your phone to the USB cable in your car, make sure you launch Waze on the mobile device. If you use wireless Android Auto, just open the app before starting the engine. The Waze app must be in focus on the phone when you connect it to the head unit, and when Android Auto starts, the prompt should no longer be displayed.

Someone says on the forums that you must also keep Waze in focus when turning off the engine and shutting down Android Auto.

Now every time I disconnect my phone from my car Android Auto when using Google Maps, the next time I try to use Waze the message to ‘setup Waze for the first time’ will show again and will have to make the procedure again. If I disconnect my phone while still at the Waze screen, the next time it’s connected there is no problem. Looks like there is something in Google Maps messing with Waze,” an Android Auto user explains.

Google is yet to acknowledge the bug, so as far as we know, no fix is on its way just yet.

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