Our smartphones have replaced so many devices. From calculators to alarm clocks to pagers and many more, these devices are now well and truly relics. Today, innovation in smartphone technology has reached a point where it can soon replace yet another device, the handheld professional camera.

Up until now, we’ve seen some great smartphones that have pushed the barriers of mobile photography but the launches in the year 2020 pose a serious challenge to handheld cameras. Here is a list of the best android camera smartphones which will make you ditch that camera if you haven’t already.

Vivo X50Pro


This phone has one unique feature that makes it different from everything else in the market. A dedicated gimbal camera! The Gimbal Camera System on the 48 MP main camera along with a customized Sony IMX598 sensor is able to achieve up to 300% more anti-shake angle compared to a traditional still OIS. Think of it as a tracking camera that picks the most optimal spot that will give the best picture or video, regardless of the lighting condition. The Gimbal Stabilisation also provides photo previews that can be used as a guide to shoot the best-looking pictures and videos.

On top of the new Gimbal Camera System, the Vivo X50 Pro boasts of a quad-camera setup that includes an 8MP 5x Telescopic Camera, an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, and a 13MP Bokeh Camera. The f/1.6 aperture allows the main camera to deliver incredible 120-degree super-wide-angle photos that are perfect for landscape and night photography enthusiasts. The camera-setup also has an 8MP sensor that delivers up to 60x digital zoom so you can truly focus on what matters the most while taking the perfect shot.

The X50 Pro also includes professional photography features such as a Superb Night Camera, Pro Sports Mode, Astro Mode, Supermoon and Starry Sky mode and Cinematic Master, making the device a professional photography smartphone flagship. In fact, the X50Pro has a dedicated Night Mode called Extreme Night Vision that works really well in low-light conditions by automatically brightening up the frame and adding details that aren’t visible to the naked eye, making it even more useful than a handheld professional camera. For the first time, you can experience DSLR-like picture quality without carrying a bulky handheld camera system wherever you go.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, the X50 Pro should be the latest tool in your arsenal to click the best pictures and videos at all times. This amazing smartphone is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Vivo’s own e-store and is priced at a competitive INR 49,990.

OnePlus 8 Pro


OnePlus devices have always tried to raise the smartphone game and it’s no different with their latest flagship model OnePlus 8 Pro. The quad-camera setup is backed by intelligent adjustments, such as auto-switching to macro mode if the subject is too close to the frame. The Quad-cams are made of a standard 48MP main camera, a refurbished ultra-wide lens, 30x zoom lens and a ‘color filter camera’ that uses a photochrome filter to shoot images.

It also includes Dynamic Video that can shoot in 4K with enhanced video stabilisation making it a superb device to use to shoot stunning images and video.

The device is available on Amazon and the OnePlus online store with prices starting from INR 54,990.

Samsung S20 Ultra


How much zoom is too much zoom? 20x? 50x? What about 100x? That’s right. The flagship Samsung S20 Ultra comes with an eye-gouging 100x zoom and can shoot 108MP high-resolution images. Not just that, it can also record 8K videos at 24fps, 4K videos at 60fps as well as 30fps from all its five camera sensors. This means you can shoot in 4K using the 40MP selfie camera, just in case you’re going Live to shoot something or making quarantine vlogs.

Whether its daylight pictures, macro mode or ultrawide images, the Samsung S20 Ultra is primed to deliver exceptional shots no matter what. The smartphone raises the bar for others in the camera department like no other and the only thing letting it down is the extremely high price barrier and lack of 5G right now.

The smartphone is priced at INR 97,999 and is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Samsung’s e-store.

OPPO Find X2


There’s no doubt that OPPO has pulled out all the stops to make Find X2 its best-ever flagship device. Nowhere is this clearer than the performance and camera departments. The Find X2 Pro boasts of a 48MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera and 13MP telephotos lens apart from a 32MP front selfie camera. Its camera setup coupled with AI enhancements such as Beauty filters and addition of Soloop video editor makes the Find X2 a complete package to shoot some of the best pictures and videos that you’re likely to find.

The OPPO Find X2 is priced at INR 64,990 and is available on Amazon and OPPO’s e-store.

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