Here’s the thing, we’re all privy to the sorry situation that is software updates to carrier devices. Especially in the U.S, carriers have been notoriously slow in rolling out updates to its devices.

This means that the global/international variants of these devices are often weeks, sometimes months, ahead of their carrier variants in terms of updates, be they regular patches or big Android version updates.

OnePlus 8

Nowhere is this phenomenon clearly showcased than with the T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 8. To recall, OnePlus released OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 8 series of devices mere weeks after Google’s own devices bagged the update.

Three months later, and many Android 11-based bug-fix updates to the global variants, T-Mobile (and Verizon) is yet to oblige and rollout this eagerly awaited update to these OnePlus devices.

oneplus 8 pro in post

OnePlus 8 Pro

Things have been relatively quiet in T-Mobile’s camp with regards to this update and the last report we got was that it was still in its development phase with no word on release dates.

Well, until now. Users of T-Mobile variants of OnePlus 8 have something to chew on as the device’s official tracker has been updated to indicate that the device is now undergoing Android 11 (OxygenOS 11) testing.

Interestingly, the same website here indicates that the update for the OnePlus 8 is still under development. Could this be a case of a site not being updated soon enough, we certainly think so.

Other eligible OnePlus devices such as the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6 series of devices are still listed as under development, something that is to be expected seeing as OnePlus hasn’t rolled out stable builds for global variants.

We have more detailed coverage on the state of OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 7/7T series of devices, as well as the older OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T devices.


OnePlus 7

We shall continue to keep an eye on this OxygenOS 11 update for T-Mobile OnePlus 8 and report back as and when we get more info so you might want to stay tuned to PiunikaWeb for that.

NOTE: We have these and many more OnePlus stories in our dedicated OnePlus section.

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