Single tap sign-ins coming to Chrome on Android

NEW DELHI: Android users, Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow the process of signing-in easier. The company has announced that the Android users will soon be able to sign in with a single tap through any of the previously used accounts.
Google explains that when a user will sign in to a Google service like Gmail, they will be able to choose to sign in to Chrome with one of their Google Accounts on the device – with a single tap and without having to re-enter their credentials. Additionally, they will also have the choice to sign in without adding their account to the device.
“When you sign in to Chrome on your Android phone using the new single tap option, you’ll soon be able to autofill the payment methods stored in your Google Account for a more convenient shopping experience,” said Google in a blog post.
The browser will ask the users to confirm the card’s CVC or let them authenticate with biometrics, after which they will be able to use it.
One more feature that Google is adding to Chrome — but for desktop — is that it will allow accessing and managing passwords safely across devices easier by making users sign in to their Google Account, regardless of whether sync is enabled.
“You’ll be able to autofill passwords on sites that you previously saved to your account, and when you save a new password, Chrome will let you choose where you want to save it — on the device or in your Google Account. If you choose your account, you can access it on all your devices,” explained Google.

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