Radar Covid is updated on iOS and Android with usage statistics or improvements in accessibility among other novelties

When at this moment the alarms go off with a new strain of the
SARS-CoV-2 and with the hope set on the imminent arrival of vaccines that want to help us get out of this nightmare, we have to talk about Radar Covid and the new update that is coming to devices, whether based on iOS or on Android.

Radar Covid is gradually reaching more and more users. It is essential for it to be successful, that the number of people who install it is the maximum possible and this section is one of the new ones that we will see in this update. Along with the statistics, Bluetooth deactivation alert, periodic reminder to open the app and other news that we will now review.

Now with more information

Now we see further sections at the bottom of the screen when entering the application. One of these sections is the one corresponding to statistics, the penultimate that we find. Here we can know the number of people who have downloaded the application, the positives generated and discovered thanks to Radar Covid or the countries that have a connection with the app.

It is the most striking aspect, but not the only one. And is that trying bring Covid Radar closer to people with some type of disability and make it more accessible, the contrast between text and background has been increased, the style of the links has been changed or the option to expand the text to fit the screen has been added to facilitate reading by people with some type of eye problem .

We also find a new question and answer section among which the user can solve all doubts regarding the app. In addition, we have a link that takes us to the official website with information about COVID.

In the last section, another of the new ones, we now have the possibility of change language, among which the French is incorporated. Along with them, we can also use others that are used in the national territory.

Regarding the operation of the application, now Radar Covid has a warning in the event that we deactivate the Bluetooth connection as well as another to warn us that it may be interesting to open the application.

And in the case of having a contact, Radar Covid now reports the days of quarantine remaining to be fulfilled. In addition, navigation is improved with new buttons to « close » and « cancel ».

Remember that Radar Covid is free And that you can download it from any phone with iOS as long as it has at least iOS 13 or on Android if your mobile uses at least Android 6 (Marshmallow).

Radar Covid


Radar Covid is updated on iOS and Android with usage statistics or improvements in accessibility among other novelties

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