PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update for Android and iOS on September 8 – Advanced Erangel Map and Much More

PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update for Android and iOS on September 8: The new update for PUBG Mobile has globally rolled out this week. Apart from the much-awaited Erangel, 2.0 map with this new update, new Weapons, Cheer Park 2.0, and improvements in the Livik map can also be offered to players. This new update will bring Halloween Infection Mode which is expected to be added next week. Also, many more features can be added with this update. Also Read – Is Akshay Kumar’s ‘FAU-G’ Game Poster Really Copied From a Stock Image? No, Clarify The Makers

The size of the PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update will be around 1.5 GB for Android devices, and 1 GB for iOS devices. The new update will be available for both the platforms on 8th September 2020. Currently, PUBG Mobile has more than 200 million users i.e. 200 million. It also has more than 50 million users in India, 50 million. The company said in an official statement –

“PUBG MOBILE will be releasing an update starting on September 8. The servers will not be taken offline. This version requires approximately 0 GB of additional storage space on Android and 1 GB of additional storage space on iOS. Players on different versions will not be able to invite each other, so be sure to update as soon as possible.”

The update can directly be downloaded from the Google Play Store. They can also download the updated version using the APK and OBB files. Additionally, the company has added many new elements in PUBG’s map including Abandoned tanks, Forgotten Trenches, Mansion Prison, Tree- Trunk Barriers, Sosnovka Military Base, Mine Zone, Mylta Power, and new bunkers. This latest 1.0 update in PUBG is also bringing ultra HD texture to the Mobile version. Other improvements that are being noticed under this latest update are that gunfights, characters, and in-game & lobby environments are enhanced than before.

Some various features and rewards are available for players under this latest update by the company. These rewards and features are as follows –

  • Red Racecar Knight Backpack (3d)
  • 2,888 BP
  • 100 AG

The Features List –

  • New Classic Mode Gameplay: Erangel 2.0
  • Payload Mode (v2.0) is coming back
  • Island in the Lake at Cheer Park
  • Livik Improvements (New Weapon M1014)
  • Beyond A.C.E.-Themed Gameplay
  • Halloween Infection Mode (available from October 23)
  • Cheer Park Halloween (available from October 23)
  • Cheer Park: Training Ground Updates
  • Graphic Quality Upgrades

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