New Google Maps Update for Android and Android Auto Is Out with More Fixes

Google has released new Google Maps versions for Android and Android Auto, only a few days after the company published another important update for the app.

Earlier this week, we told you that Google Maps now supports dual-screen devices with hinges, such as the Microsoft Surface Duo, and version 10.50.3 was the one that introduced this new feature. Thanks to this update, Google Maps can now use the entire screen estate without losing any information that would normally be displayed in the place where the hinge is located.

And now Google has published new updates for Google Maps for Android devices, and while a changelog is not available, it looks like the focus this time is on fixing bugs in the app.

More specifically, there are two versions that are out now for Android and Android Auto. First, it’s the stable channel, which with this release has reached 10.50.4. And then, it’s the beta build, which has been updated to version 10.51.0 earlier today.

As far as the changelog is concerned, there’s no such information for these new updates, but the stable build appears to come with some important fixes for the experience after installing Android 11.

As we reported not a long time ago, Google Maps sometimes no longer works correctly on devices updated to Android 11, simply because the app isn’t able to determine users’ location and then track them on the map.

This update could thus include GPS improvements and optimizations that would bring things back to normal on devices where Android 11 is already running. Needless to say, this is a welcome fix, especially as more smartphones receive the new OS update and Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps that users turn to when driving.

At this point, the rollout of Google Maps version 10.50.4 is still in its early phases, so if you previously came across issues with GPS tracking on Android 11, you can download the latest APK manually using this link.

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