iOS 14 Icon Designer Made Over Rs 73 Lakh In A Week After His Icon Pack Design Went Viral

The tweet went viral on the micro-blogging website and was even featured by MKBHD in his YouTube video. In fact, the monochrome design of the iOS app icons and widgets would be a good fit for many iPhone users which has resulted in the combined earning of $100,000 or Rs 73 Lakh in under a week for the designer.

Traff, the designer, shared his experience on his blog titled 6 Figures in 6 Day where he tells his story of quickly packaging the icons and making them available to buy on the App Store after his tweet went viral. In fact, he reveals, he made Rs 73 Lakh from just the tweets itself since it received over a million impressions and thousands of retweets. 

© YouTube/MKBHD

This package of icons is probably the cleanest we’ve seen yet which sort of adheres to iOS’s clean design philosophy as well. Plenty of other icons and widgets we’ve seen on the internet are often bold, bright or even amusing, however none look as professional and minimalistic as Traff’s creations. 

The icons are being sold on the App Store for $28 and it comes with 120 custom icons that can be used on the iPhone and iPad. It has an icon for almost every app such as Twitter, Spotify, Facebook and more. You can even choose from four different colour themes such as black, slate, cobalt, and white. More icons are also being constantly added, but we did not see if there is a way to request icons designs for particular apps as well. 

While the tweet featuring the icons went viral, Traff says it truly took off when tech blogger MKBHD featured the icons in his video. MKBHD also linked the icons in the description section which led to the icon pack blowing up on the App Store. “The next thing I knew, I was making $28 what felt like every 28 seconds,” Traff says. “My phone turned into the ultimate dopamine dispenser (if it wasn’t already). I had to disable notifications.”

Do you have a great icon design you would like to sell for iPhones? Why not give it a hand and see if you can also earn over Rs 73 lakh in just one week. You never know, it may just go viral like Taff’s design. 

Source: Traff

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Photo: © YouTube/MKHBD (Main Image)

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