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Android and iOS needs no introduction. They are the two most commonly used operating systems for mobile phones and tablets. While the choice between smartphones and tablets you want to buy isn’t limited to just the operating system, it’s an important factor that everyone should consider. Both parties have advantages and disadvantages. In this article we won’t compare the two OP systems, we will only look at the advantages and the upgrades for the Android system

Why Android?

First, let’s see what are the advantages of an Android-powered phone:

Phone selection

Android has a wide number of choices depending on the type of phone you want to buy. You can find all kinds of phones from high-end to cheap. Some high-end Android phones are the Galaxy S20, Google Pixel 4a, OnePlus 8 Pro. Low-end Android phones include Allview a10, OnePlus Nord, Samsung Galaxy A10. Even low-cost Android phones are great, but they don’t match senior people, especially when performance (execution speed), overall outlook, and durability. Android phone makers include Samsung, OnePlus, Allview, and so on. While the iPhone only has one phone, so if you can’t afford this phone, you can’t have an iPhone, which is not the case with Android phones.

Android App Market

Thousands of free apps can be installed on your Android phones, such as on sites like Aptoide, Amazon, and Google Play. When an Android application crashes, the user can easily search the internet for the error code and get an explanation on how to fix it. iPhone users may have to wait for the manufacturer to release the bug fix or delete the problematic application.

Besides this, there are a lot of sites that can be accessed through the Google Chrome browser, which is preinstalled on every Android-based phone. This is a great way to access sites that you don’t need or don’t have an app for. For example, you can access sites like Facebook, TikTok, any newspaper site, or even games like Prodigy, Gartic, or even blackjack online.

Open system

Unlike iOS, which is a “locked” system that is almost impossible to customize, Android is an open system that allows you to customize your device by integrating it with external software. For example, the 2013 Facebook home software allowed smartphone users to turn their phones into a Facebook-themed device, but iOS users couldn’t integrate the software and add it to their iPhone.

Google Friendly

Because Android is a Google-based operating system, almost every Android-based smartphone is integrated with Google’s most popular features, such as Gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs, and Hangouts.

Changes in Android

We heard that In the last weeks of the year, Google will add several new features to Android devices and services. Several of the improvements will be available worldwide.

Google has just announced that it will add five new features to Android in December to make it even easier for users. It didn’t share details with the search giant as to exactly when to expect updates, just that in the coming weeks.

The improvements concern Maps, which is also popular, and which is supplemented with a useful Go tab: this is good for selecting pre-entered favorite routes at the touch of a button, and the system will browse them immediately. The address only needs to be entered once for the software, which then memorizes it as a bookmark. The panel can also be used for public transport. According to Google, iOS devices will also receive this innovation.

The second item on the list is tied to the Gboard virtual keyboard: Google, with an update, allows users to create many more emoji combinations with each character, combining their appearance. The operation requires virtually a few moves and you don’t even have to exit the app. The development is now available in beta.

The company expects the audiobooks available in the Play Store to expand from new development, now yet to be introduced in the United States and the United Kingdom. The new feature, which is still unknown, is said by Google to be a useful tool for publishers to turn audio-based publications into audiobooks. The details are not yet known, but the project is already in the beta phase and is expected to become widely available in early 2021.

The third novelty is the extension of Voice Access voice commands, which debuted in Android 11, to previous system versions. The only condition for using the software is that the mobile is running at least Android 6.0. The program allows users to control almost the entire Android phone with their voice, primarily in English.

The sharing feature called Nearby Share is also changing or getting smarter: Google wants users to be able to share apps available in the Play Store, showing who got what software. The app to be shared must also be enabled by the other party, so it will not automatically climb to the other mobile.

Google’s announcement also mentions the expansion of the navigation interface called Android Auto, as the software will be available in another 36 new countries.

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