Google Reminds the World It Killed Off the Best Android Auto Music App

Google Play Music is no longer around, as the service has been replaced by YouTube Music, and despite the Mountain View-based search giant making a big deal out of this change throughout 2020, the company has now published another FAQ to detail one of the errors using might come across when trying to launch the app on Android Auto.

In other words, Google now reminds users that the reason for not being able to access Google Play Music on Android Auto is the demise of the service, and the company emphasizes the only way to listen to an existing library is from YouTube Music.

If you have transferred your Google Play Music account to YouTube Music, you can continue to listen to your music and playlists on the YouTube Music app. In addition, you can listen to music saved to your device for free,” the company explains in an FAQ posted only a few hours ago.

Needless to say, the transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music wasn’t an easy process, and many users have actually tried to resist this change, sticking with the old service for as long as possible.

But as far as Android Auto is concerned, embracing YouTube Music was quite a struggle, especially because this alternative hasn’t been exactly prepared for a proper experience behind the wheel.

For example, one of the biggest problems in YouTube Music, which has since been resolved, was the lack of a free tier to allow users to listen to the music they previously purchased on Google Play Music. A subscription was needed even to access the library, so in theory, users had to pay for the same tunes twice.

While some of these biggest shortcomings have already been addressed, YouTube Music still feels slow and is sometimes lagging on Android Auto, having a hard time loading large playlists and libraries.

But at the end of the day, Google Play Music is only history now, and Google saying the same thing one more time is a painful reminder we lost the best Android Auto music app we ever had.

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