Google Podcasts Makes a Simpler Interface for Easier Use by Android and iOS Users

 Google Podcasts, which allows you to “listen to podcasts all over the world for free”  has made an update by creating a simpler interface and subscription feed browsers, for users to easily navigate and keep up-to-date with their podcasts. 

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Back then, Google Podcasts added a carousel of the podcasts that you have subscribed to. This can be seen in the subscriptions page that is just located right in the navigation drawer. Now, the new update removes all your subscriptions in a straigtforward list. “Your Subscriptions” now appear in a page that shows the new place for your carousel of subscriptions. While this might be a very convenient update for many, some consider that this can be quite incovenient, as only five podcasts or shows are shown at one time. Therefore, sidescrolling to look for a specific podcast that you’ve played in the past can get a bit time-consuming. 

Google also added a new feature on their feed called “Latest Episodes” that is made available both for Android and iOS users. This can allow users to easily find new streams and podcasts that are new and trending. They can be very convenient as users no longer have to navigate and look for new podcasts. 

This update by google in making Google Podcasts easier be a yay to some and a nay for others. Nonetheless, pretty sure Google moves one step forward in the game with every improvement. 

According to News 18, the RSS Feed development has allowed Google Podcasts to stay relevant to users and become more competitive with other platforms. According to the news site, Google is undeniably still behind its competitors such as Apple, Spotify, and more, when it comes to podcasts.

With Google Podcasts, you can play the latest episodes from your favorite shows, explore podcast recommendations just for you, and manage your listening activity. It has now gained over 50 million downloads in Playstore. 

According to its official site, Google Podcasts allows you to play episodes from shows that you want, navigate through podcast recommendations, and manage your podcast listening activity. You can subscribe and listen to different podcasts for free as well as explore shows from different categories such as health, education, fitness, technology, science, sports, and many more. There’s also an option for users to auto-download podcasts to be able to listen to it offline. Its customized listening setup allows users to easily queue, keep track, and listen at a customized speed when listening to podcasts. 

Last December, Google has provided an option for users to access other platforms and add any podcasts that you want by using a private RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed Support made available both for Android and iOS apps. This means you can subscribe to any podcast that you want via the RSS feed. Now, life is made a lot easier by Google. The Google Podcast experience for users now has a simple interface, just like that on mobile for you to ba able to navigate through your episode subscriptions seamlessly. 

Written by Nikki Delgado

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