Google is trying to make apps install and open faster on Android devices

There are barely any small apps these days. Most of them seem to be just getting larger by the day and draining your smartphone space and denting your data plan. Google has tried to fix this issue with its App Bundles.

Google’s App Bundles is a system that lets developers build multiple versions of their apps for different devices depending on their configuration and the Play Store can download the appropriate APK to the user’s phone as per what fits.

Google now wants to take things further as far as ease of installing and opening these apps is concerned with the “App install optimisation”. This is going to study what part of the app is used first when it is opened for the first time and then use that data to improve the update and app-launch process, Android Police reported.

App install optimisation is not available on the Play Store yet, however, 9to5Google has spotted a support document for the feature that is already live.

When you open an app for the first time, Google will monitor what parts of the app you use and what you don’t. This can be best explained with an example – when you download and open Instagram for the first time, most users spend the first 10 minutes or so setting up their profile and finding their friends. If this is what most users do, then the Play Store is going to download that part of the app first so as you can get going. The posting tools and story viewer on the app will remain uninstalled till you try to use them or till your connection gets stronger.

Data like this can also be used to improve resource management on your device. Instead of opening the whole app into RAM, your smartphone can only load the parts you use the most and thereby reduce the load on the processor and the amount of RAM needed.

This data is collected and studied conforming to Google’s existing privacy policy to your personal information is not used and nothing outside the app is going to be looked at or analysed. No information about what is downloaded or uploaded on the app is going to be collected or looked at either so whatever posts you view or create will not be sent to Google for analysis.

Once this app install optimisation feature becomes available, Google is going to allow users to opt out of the process if they want. To do that, you’ll need to open the Play Store settings page and turn the feature off from there.

What turning this off will do is it is going to disable analysis of your usage, however, you will continue to benefit from the faster app load times based on other people’s usage data. According to 9to5Google, Play Store version 25.5.13 includes references to the feature, so we can expect to see it become available soon.

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