Flitsmeister also available for Android Auto

The popular Flitsmeister app, which keeps you informed of speed cameras and special traffic situations, will be available for Android Auto.

Flitsmeister has released a beta version of its app for Android Auto. Via the Flitsmeister website Android users can sign up for the beta version of the app. Once it has been downloaded from the Google Play Store, it is possible to display Flitsmeister on the infotainment screen by connecting the phone via USB or Bluetooth. The Android Auto version combines a navigation system with data from the standard application, such as speed camera, speed camera and section control alerts.

Users can provide feedback on the beta through the Flitsmeister forum. It is not yet clear when support for Android Auto will drop from beta and become final. According to Flitsmeister, it’s up to Google when this happens. “Google is working on a version that is not yet complete,” the developer said. By the way, Flitsmeister has been working on its Android Auto counterpart Apple Carplay for some time.

Anyone who hopes to avoid the new “smart cameras” that record phone use while driving will be disappointed. Flitsmeister recently indicated that he will not be reporting it. The company finds this “ethically irresponsible” and believes that there is a key difference between reporting speed cameras and speed cameras recording something dangerous, such as not paying attention to the road.

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