Facebook wants to bring dark mode to Android and iOS

One of the most requested features by users in recent years has been the dark mode. Users who have a smartphone with an OLED screen are the ones who most appreciate this feature due to the savings it represents in the efficiency of the terminal, but in reality it is something from which everyone benefits. But believe it or not there are still applications that do not have this possibility and that is why we bring you good news since Facebook is already testing the dark mode in its mobile apps.

Facebook behind its dark mode

Meno Park have a lot of work on the table in many segments. Virtual reality, WhatsApp and Instagram updates in addition to taking care of your social network. The latter is in good health, especially after last year’s data leaks that caused many users to leave. But the firm wants to improve and continue on the right path with improvements that really help users.

How do they want to do it? Well, for now, placing the dark mode in your app for smartphones. Best of all, the firm’s plans are designed without differences and will be available on systems with iOS and Android. The truth is that after the redesign there are things where you have to apply more improvements and among them is the much desired night mode.

As you can see in the tweet published by Jane Manchun Wong, who has published more than one feature of the beta versions of the firm’s apps, Facebook is already working on the dark mode of the app. This not only affects the design of the application as a whole, but also other functions such as Messenger that will also be available with this mode. It seems that the promo video is already final and you can see that the Menlo Park people are laughing at the fact that they have taken a year to bring a solid and final version.

When will Facebook’s dark mode be available?

This is the big question, because everything indicates that Facebook’s dark mode is close to launch. The fact that it is being tested on iOS and Android, as we pointed out before, would mean that it will arrive in its two versions at the same time, a positive point for the company that provides something so important expected by all without making any difference.

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