Dead Cells And It's Frantic 2D Combat Finally Make It To Android

Dead Cells is a roguevania platformer that offers up wild, sometimes frustratingly chaotic combat, and it just launched on Android on June 3.

The game was confirmed to be coming to Android way back in 2019. And earlier this year Playdigious revealed the June 3 release date for Dead Cells on Android. Playdigious was able to keep to the schedule and release the game on time.

Which is good news for Android gamers who have been wanting to play this game on mobile. Dead Cells is also available on PC and console platforms. So this may not be the first time that some people have played it. It comes with the promised 10-percent discount too. Right now you can pick it up for $8.99, but that price will eventually go up.

Dead Cells on Android offers multiple control options

As good as some games are, people can sometimes be skeptical of the title being ported over to mobile. Particularly because they don’t like touchscreen controls.

Dead Cells fixes those concerns by offering multiple control options to the player. You can use the traditional touchscreen control scheme that you might expect an Android game to have. But you can also use Bluetooth controllers. Like the DualShock 4.

There’s also a floating or fixed touch pad option, as well as the swipe to dodge, and an autohit option. There’s custom control options too. So there’s plenty of ways to set up and customize your gameplay experience here.

And Dead Cells is going to be better for it because it can cater to a wide variety of users.

No ads or microtransactions, and it supports 10 languages

There’s a lot to like about Dead Cells, but two key points to consider are its cost and the language support.

The Android version of this game is a premium offering just like it is on other platforms. Which means you pay the $8.99 (until the launch discount disappears) and that’s it. There’s no ads, and no microtransactions.

It also supports 10 different languages. Which makes the game more accessible to more people across the globe in their native language.

One thing to keep in mind if you’re considering this game is that it can be quite challenging. It’s a roguevania, so you’ll probably die a lot. And when you do, you have to start over thanks to the permadeath mechanic.

The only way to move forward is to learn from your mistakes and get better at the game.

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