Apple rolls out iOS 13.5 with COVID-19 features

Medical ID, a feature that allows you to list some of your medical information for emergency use, has also received a timely tweak. You can now set up your device to automatically share your Medical ID with 911 call operators. If you’re calling from an area with Enhanced Emergency Data, your information will be shared securely with the call center. At the moment, this functionality is only available in the US.

The update also includes a quality-of-life enhancement when you’re using FaceTime to chat with several different people. You now have the option to stop the app from automatically resizing video tiles whenever the conversation shifts to a different main speaker. As always, the new software also features a variety of bug fixes, the most notable of which address an issue with the share sheet not properly loading suggestions.  

Rare circumstances aside, it’s always worthwhile updating to the latest version of iOS in a timely fashion. Still, given that Apple designed so many of the features of iOS 13.5 to help users through the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll probably want to get this one as soon as possible.

(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2020-05-20 17:39:33
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