WhatsApp and Messages are there as an icon on Android Auto

Google is working on an Android Auto interface for messaging applications, reports autoevolution.com. The update will essentially allow the display of dedicated icons for select messaging applications.

According to a Redditor, the interface will be initially available for applications such as Messages and WhatsApp. The feature appears to be in still testing phase as the icons for messaging applications as not “so functional.”

The Redditor also explains what the GUI for messaging applications may offer to Android Auto users.

“Once launched, Android Auto should start showing notifications of messages coming from that app. But really, no. It doesn’t do that. Any SMS or WhatsApp message will still be shown in the notification centre, and not inside the own app,” the developer said.

There is no word on when the feature will be available to the stable version of Android Auto.

WhatsApp and Messages are there as an icon on Android Auto (Android Auto)

Bonus: How to send, receive messages on Android Auto

To send a message on Android Auto, say “Ok Google” or tap on the microphone icon.

Say “message”, “text”, or “send a message to” and then enter a contact name or phone number.

Android Auto will prompt you to share the message.

Once you’ve entered the message, you need to confirm it and say “Send.”

In case you don’t want to send the message, say “Cancel.” You can also say “Change message.”

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