Android-12 vs iOS 14

Google has presented Android 12 with a good series of new features and our colleagues from have already been able to test the new system by revealing some of its secrets. And as it usually happens every time a new version of Android or iOS hits the market, there are some functions that have been copied.

Android 12 copies some things from iOS 14

Contrary to what many may think, this is not a bad thing. If Apple comes up with an interesting idea and includes it in iOS, it is normal that Google wants to take advantage of it in Android as well. And the same happens to the contrary.

Android 12 features inspired by iOS and iPhone

The new version that Google has just introduced of Android borrows some long-standing features on iPhone. We are going to analyze them, and we will see if they will copy others in the future.

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Double tap on the back

It is one of the best tricks of iOS 14, we can configure that iPhone will do just about anything by tapping two or three times on the back Of the device. And now it’s a feature that Google has included in Android 12.

In Android 12 there is a menu that shows this function, which can be configured to perform certain tasks such as taking a screenshot, open the assistant, stop or play the music and some other functions. The good thing about this trick in iOS 14 is that you can configure it for system functions or to open shortcuts.

Double tap on Android 12The double tap function in Android 12

One-handed mode like the iPhone

For many years now, came with the Plus versions of the iPhone, Apple includes a feature called easy reach that lower the screen so you can access the top of the screen with one hand. On iPhones without a button, this function is activated by sliding the screen down from the bottom.

And precisely this is how Google has implemented this function in Android 12. By sliding down the screen lowers to be able to access the upper part with one hand.

SOS by pressing the side button 5 times

In iOS we have for years a function in the iPhone that allows call the emergency number by pressing the unlock button five times. In addition, an alarm also sounds to try to help you at that time.

Google has implemented an identical feature in Android 12 to call emergencies. The only difference is that on iOS the countdown is 3 seconds and on Android 12 it is 5 seconds.

sos emergency ios android 12Emergency function on iOS and Android 12

Share Wi-Fi password to other users quickly

Apple released this feature in iOS 11, and it allows us to share the password of a Wi-Fi network to which we are connected with any other Apple device immediately. Will appear to us a window on our iPhone and we can “send” the password to the other device, which will connect automatically.

Google has been slow but now in Android 12 it has introduced a very similar function. Until now a QR code was generated to share the password, but now you can share the password of a Wi-Fi network through the Nearby Share system with other Android.

share password wifi ios and androdi 12New password sharing feature in Android 12

Color points

In iOS 14 Apple released a very interesting privacy function. Two dots, green or orange, will appear at the top of the screen, showing us if an app has accessed the camera or microphone. In Android 12 we will have a practically identical function, even with the same colors.

privacy points android 12The new Android 12 indicators copied from iOS 14

These are the 5 functions that have copied Android 12 from iOS 14 and previous versions. We will see if there are any interesting ones in Google’s system that Apple can copy in iOS 15.

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