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iOS 14.4 is more important than we thought.

Admittedly, Apple has done a great job in developing iOS 14. The new version of the mobile operating system software for iPhone includes all kinds of visual and functional improvements that contribute to considerably increase the experience that the system offers us.

Although, as we have already mentioned on so many occasions, there is no perfect operating system. Technology continues to advance and there is always room for improvement, details to polish and new features to implement. However, the changes introduced in iOS 14 have been very good and will make you enjoy your iPhone more than ever.

In this article we are going to focus on those changes, on those iOS 14 features that will allow you to maximize your user experience and take advantage of everything that your iPhone can offer you. Without further ado, we begin with 4 cool things about iOS 14 that everyone should know.

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The most notable iPhone features of iOS 14

If you have been using iOS 14 for a short time, it is very likely that one of these functions is a great find for you. If, on the other hand, you are an expert in iOS 14, you may find something new that has escaped you.

1. Play back

From iPhone Hacks they bring us this useful function of iOS 14 that consists of assigning an automated action with the pressure of the back of the iPhone. This accessibility function allows you to create two different actions, one with a double tap on the back and the other with a triple tap.

You can activate Back Tap from Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Touch back.

Thanks to this function you will be able to carry out actions such as raising the volume, opening the application selector, reading the screen, activating the magnifying glass, executing a shortcut and much more. And all this with just a couple of taps on the back of your iPhone.

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2. Ignore incoming calls

With earlier versions of Apple’s mobile software, it was impossible to ignore an incoming call and return to the Home Screen. Although it was possible to reject it with the lock button, there was no button on the screen that allowed you to return to the Home screen. With iOS 14 now the iOS 14 user interface for incoming call notifications is much less intrusive and effectively includes a button to reject calls.

When you receive a call on your mobile phone – or even a call in applications like Skype or WhatsApp – a notification appears at the top of the iPhone that you can swipe up to hide it. On the other hand, the notification also shows a button to accept and another button to reject the call.

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3. Highlight Messages conversations

If you regularly use the native messaging application of iOS 14, you will love this little trick. It consists of the ability to highlight the most important conversations at the top of the screen, in this way you can prioritize all those chats that seem most important to you and leave those that are not so important below.

And how to highlight a Messages conversation? Very easy. Access the iOS 14 Messages application on your iPhone and slide your finger to the right on the conversation you want to have at the top, then press on the yellow button with a pin icon. To remove a chat conversation from starred messages, simply hold your finger on a conversation and select the “Unpin” option.

4. Play a video while performing other tasks

IPadOS Multitasking offers us extremely useful functions such as Slide Over, Split View and Picture-in-Picture, which give us the possibility to perform multiple actions at the same time, taking advantage of the size of the iPad’s large screen; like opening two web pages at the same time, using two different applications at the same time, or playing a thumbnail video while you perform other actions in the background.

This function of playing a miniature video is called “Picture-in-Picture” and Apple, to the delight of its users, has finally incorporated it into iOS 14. It is very useful, and it works with the vast majority of applications such as TV, Safari or Netflix. Although, unfortunately not YouTube.

The Picture-in-Picture function can be enabled through two different methods while watching a video in full screen: press the button in the upper left corner or simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the Home screen.

It is very easy and very useful!

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Well, these have been the most interesting functions that we wanted to highlight in this article. These are certainly very useful features, but there are always plenty of other improvements to add. What’s your favorite iOS 14 change?

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