Telefonica's ElevenPaths ink global IoT security deal with Subex
Telefonica’s cyber-security division ElevenPaths has signed a global partnership agreement with Subex aimed at protecting IoT and converged environments via the IoT Threats Detection service. The monitoring and incident response service will use Machine Learning and specific IoT/OT threat intelligence techniques to profile the behaviour of IoT devices and associated networks, said the partners. As a result, ElevenPaths will be able to better detect and respond to anomalies or cyberattacks that may affect the different end-to-end elements in IoT, such as devices, communication networks or service platforms.

The service is fed by a global network of honeypots (a “decoy” system designed to be the target of an attack to detect it and obtain more information) specialised in IoT/OT. This network is distributed throughout the world in over 60 locations and covers more than 500 different system architectures, processing on average 10 million sophisticated cyberattacks every day, said Subex.

Customers will also receive the benefits of a managed service through Telefonica’s operations expertise, relying on the ElevenPaths’ SOC (Security Operations Centre) located in 11 global centres and supported by specially trained experts.

(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2020-10-07 08:00:24
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