IoT for forecourt: PTS-2 forecourt controller at the heart of smart forecourt

Modern world is the world of smart and IoT devices. Petrol stations and fuel dispensers can also be viewed through the prism of such a concept. Let’s ask ourselves a question: which advantages should IoT dispensers provide to fuel stations owners and their customers?

If seems that IoT dispenser should allow:

  • control from local and remote systems and monitoring over refueling process
  • constant communication with remote server (business management and ERP system) for instant informing on all operations and reporting, fraud and leakage detection
  • possibility to operate with various customers loyalty systems
  • possibility to implement Pay at the pump service for customers to ensure their safety and support social distancing
  • remote technical service and equipment condition monitoring
  • management using a web based user interface
  • simple integration with existing POS system installed on petrol station

All this is possible with PTS-2 forecourt controller. It is a miniature controller, with a size of a credit card, but packed with great functionality. Due to its small dimensions, the PTS-2 forecourt controller can be easily mounted inside any fuel dispenser housing in order to provide control over all fuel dispensers and tank monitoring systems of gas stations.

This small device supports more than 110 brands of fuel dispensers and 40 brands of tank monitoring systems and probes. It can provide simultaneous control over up to 50 fuel dispensers and monitor up to 50 tanks. It can also communicate with any POS and control systems (OPT, cash registers) and remote servers at the same time, which is often needed at big petrol stations.

When PTS-2 controller is connected to ATG probes, it can automatically collect all measurements data, calculate volume based on tanks calibration charts, calculate temperature compensated volume, automatically detect in-tank deliveries, leakages and tank alarms.

Built-in web server allows you to access PTS-2 controller from any location. This functionality of PTS-2 forecourt controller makes it possible to implement interaction with various loyalty systems using a single unified protocol based on JSON.

PTS-2 controller can be configured to periodically connect to a remote server to inform about performed pump transactions and tank measurements and also to request for any commands to be executed. So, the installation of PTS-2 controller does not require a static IP-address.

One of the important tasks of PTS-2 forecourt controller application is an easy integration with any previously installed Point of Sale system and a parallel control from both remote systems and local control system of the gas station. Such integration is easily provided by PTS-2 forecourt controller.

Numerous installations of the PTS-2 forecourt controller around the world prove its effectiveness and wide capabilities. Nowadays PTS-2 controller is widely used as the controller inside:

  • POS systems
  • OPT terminals
  • Cash registers
  • ATG consoles
  • As a controller for integration with loyalty systems

As an additional feature, PTS-2 controller is equipped with GPS module on board, which allows application in fuel tankers for tracking on the track location and places of fuel dispensings and level changes in tanks.

More information on PTS-2 controller and its applications please find on its web-page. Here you can download the PTS-2 controller technical guide.

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