Pandemic pressures weigh on IoT venture ecosystem
VCs poured $5.1 billion into the internet-of-things sector in the first half of 2020, a 17% increase in capital invested year-over-year. Deal count was down for the IoT industry as a whole, and the industrial, smart retail and software subsectors experienced dramatic declines. IoT security, however, has emerged as an outstanding opportunity in the software space.

Although supply chain constraints and other pandemic-related challenges have largely frozen growth in IoT, a significant snapback in demand is likely in a recovery, according to our H1 2020 Emerging Tech Research report on the sector. Other key takeaways include:

  • VC exit value is on pace to set a record in 2020, following the substantial acquisitions of security specialists CyberX and Armis
  • Microsoft and Google are compounding their advantages in the industrial IoT and consumer device markets, respectively, through M&A
  • Additional connectivity standards are still needed to drive the continued expansion of IoT devices

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