Whitepaper: ON Semi – IoT and Energy Harvesting Zigbee Green Power Switches

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Written by On Semiconductor, with an IoT focus, it covers how best to achieve the benefits of wireless, battery-free switches. It writes:

“These devices offer unparalleled flexibility for deployment within buildings because they do not require any hardwiring. They also remove the maintenance hassles and environmental impact of battery replacement and disposal. Both Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee Green Power are candidates for such a Challenge. We introduce how to implement Zigbee Green power Protocol in an energy efficient way with ON Semiconductor NCS36510 System on Chip.”

Specifically, the whitepaper reviews the selection of:

  • A convenient Harvester switch from ZF
  • A 802.15.4 System on chip
  • A Protocol stack from DSR
  • The wireless transmission strategy adopted by the product
  • The Mac Layer acknowledge MMI
  • The Button layout
  • Strata Developer Studio and Virtual environment

Note that you will be required to give some details to access the information.

Download the whitepaper »

(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2021-01-22 10:48:00
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