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HYDERABAD: Come June, the Internet of Things (IoT) will manage the inflows and outflows of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS). For the first time in the country, the IT-enabled water management system will be introduced on full scale in irrigation. Smart sensors will be installed at the important locations of the KLIS. These sensors will digitally transmit the information relating to inflows and outflows to the project and other key inputs.

Thus, the operation of gates and demand-side management will be done automatically. Speaking to Express on Friday, Water Resources Department Principal Secretary Rajat Kumar said: “Artificial decision making will help in proper utilisation of water. As many as 28 sensors required for this operation are being imported from Germany.”

Rajat Kumar explained that there would be a command control system at Jala Soudha to analyse the inputs received from IoT system.  “Once it is successfully implemented, then IoT will be extended to other projects too,” he said, while adding that some States implemented IT-based water management system experimentally but Telangana will be is the first State to implement in a full-fledged manner.

Y Pradeep of Vassar Labs, the company entrusted with the task of installing the system, explained that the different sources of data would be integrated. “Sensors would be installed at key points of KLIS.  They have already been installed at the rain gauge centres so that we would know the expected rainfall three to four days in advance. The IMD data too will be integrated to the command control system. The expected inflows into river will also be known in advance. All these information will be integrated to know how many pumps should be operated at Medigadda and other barrages automatically,” he explained. The analyses will not only help in better water management but also in reducing the power costs.  

First time in the country
The IT-enabled water management system will be introduced on full scale in irrigation for the first time in the country. Artificial decision making will help in proper utilisation of water.

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