IoT house Haltian acquires new Empathic Building service to complete its smart building solutions

Pasi Leipälä, CEO & Co-Founder,Haltian (L) signs Empathic Building papers, joined by CTO & Co-Founder Jyrki Okkonen as a member of the Board.

Finnish IoT and product development house Haltian has agreed on buying of the Empathic Building solution from digital services and software company TietoEVRY. Under the accord, Empathic Building becomes a part of Haltian’s IoT business. Haltian’s international IoT networks will give a push for the international growth of the Empathic Building solution and complete Haltian smart building solutions.

The companies have worked together with smart offices for a long time.

“The acquisition of the Empathic Building service is a natural next step in our close collaboration as the business excellently complements our IoT services business. We are excited to jointly create new innovations to improve the user experience of work environments. Next, we will focus on ensuring a smooth transition for both employees and Empathic Building customers,” said Pasi Leipälä, CEO and Co-Founder, Haltian. “Together with the Empathic Building team, we will use the data collected from working environments and make offices smart, user-friendly and empathic all over the world.”

“Thanks to our long-term collaboration, Haltian is a natural home for Empathic Building’s further development. Haltian’s IoT and data collection solutions will bring new unmatched opportunities for the further enrichment of Empathic Building’s offering and its international growth. We will continue to accelerate office digitalisation of all our customers, including now also TietoEVRY,” said Tomi Teikko, who will continue to be responsible for the Empathic Building business after it transfers to Haltian. “We have always been open to co-operating with different application and device providers, and this will remain our strength in the future as well.”

Empathic Building is a human-centric smart building solution that started as an internal start-up at TietoEVRY. Empathic Building applications are based on the data collected from the facilities.

Smart solutions

“Right now, a safe return to the office is an important topic everywhere. Smart solutions give the user a view to the number of people in the office and free workstations can be booked with the application from home. These kinds of solutions will help the return to the office significantly,” added Leipälä. “We are proud to take Finnish high-tech knowledge out into the world. Empathic Building is an impressive service and with it, Haltian will have a formidably wide offering for smart offices and buildings.”

Empathic Building installations are already found in 16 different countries.

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