ETSI Releases Report on IoT Devices for Emergency Communications

The ETSI Special Committee EMTEL (emergency communications) this week released a report, ETSI TR 103 582, studying use cases and communications involving IoT devices in the provision of emergency situations.

The report also provides recommendations on standardization requirements that could enhance the safety of these communications. The report was prepared by a group of experts possessing a mix of both IoT and emergency communications competencies.

ETSI TR 103 582 considers communications involving IoT devices in all types of emergency situations, such as emergency calling, mission critical communications, Public Warning System communications and adds a new emergency communications domain identified as automated emergency response, where IoT devices can act after receiving a trigger to prevent hazardous situations. A set of eight exemplary use cases illustrate how such communications can be used to provide additional/enhanced information for communicating parties involved in such situations. 

ETSI TR 103 582 also helps prepare the potential standardization requirements enabling a safe operation of these communications. The use cases are analyzed from the point of view of potential failures putting safety at risk. 

Michelle Wetterwald, Expert from the ETSI EMTEL Committee
It also leverages from benefits of IoT with data gathering without human interaction, objectivity of IoT data, fast and fail-safe information sharing, translation of human languages not required, real-time data transmission and operation in dangerous environments.

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