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Krakow, Poland—AVSystem ranked as a leading company in IoT device management with the Coiote IoT Device Management platform once again achieving high rankings in MachNation’s 2019 IoT Device Management ScoreCard.

MachNation rated vendors of IoT device management in 4 categories: lifecycle management, architecture and security, integration and business, and strategy. These categories are further divided into 18 requirements in total which constitute the basis for MachNation’s evaluation.

Coiote IoT Device Management was highly applauded for its multitenant architecture. Administrator, operator and user interfaces focus on different areas of the system which results in system’s views tailored for the needs of various users. This, in turn, eliminates the need to develop such interfaces on your own, which greatly decreases time and costs.

Another strong point of Coiote IoT Device Management indicated by MachNation were its bulk device management capabilities. With easy provisioning of large groups of devices as well as availability of bulk device management actions, the platform is ready to efficiently manage millions of devices.

The LwM2M protocol was frequently mentioned throughout MachNation’s report, which clearly shows the standard’s maturity and its growing presence in the IoT device management market.
With its recent release of the LwM2M Interoperability Program (based on Coiote IoT Device Management), which enables validation of a device’s support for the protocol, AVSystem offers a full package of products dedicated to device management via LwM2M standard.

MachNation’s ScoreCard is a perfect analysis of the IoT Device Management market. We’re very happy that such valuable insights about this rapidly changing IoT space are shared with the public and we are honored to be considered a leader, says Slawomir Wolf, CEO at AVSystem.

MachNation continues to see strong demand from enterprises and service providers for scalable, flexible, and well-designed IoT device management. We are delighted to find leading vendors that continue to offer the capabilities needed by customers, says Josh Taubenheim, Technology Analyst at MachNation.

About AVSystem

No IoT deployment is successful without proper device management—this is what AVSystem stands for. We help companies around the globe deliver better quality of service thanks to our best-in-class device management solutions. We also focus on WiFi VAS and indoor location as well as systems for SDN and NFV. In addition to creating software, we actively participate in the standardization process of the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) standard to enable secure device management in the IoT ecosystem. More than 100 companies worldwide, including some of the world’s largest mobile network operators, rely on AVSystem to expedite their IoT service deployments. Learn more at

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