An integrated IoT software for water-treatment facilities - Chemical Engineering

By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey |

This company is launching the IoT Solution Pack software application (photo) for water and wastewater treatment plants. IoT Solution Pack delivers remote monitoring, visualization, analytics and data-collection capabilities. It can be quickly deployed to connect a variety of devices to reduce costs and improve efficiency and control. Plants can drive near-realtime visualization and optimization by connecting equipment and shifting process data and applications to the cloud through sensors, adapters and gateways. Setup is easy, using predefined templates that enable quick configuration of authorized gateways. Once deployed, the software enables operators to quickly gain facility-wide visibility through remote monitoring, helping detect issues before they become problems, boost productivity and reduce downtime. IoT Solution Pack is flexible and scalable.Facilities can start with a small number of target devices and grow over time by adding devices or integrating with other systems. — Toshiba America, Inc., New York, N.Y.

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