Vital skills for a career in cloud computing

The exponential increase in demand for cloud computing professionals is the reason why many are aspiring to pursue a career in the field. However, being a specialist in the field of cloud computing is no easy job. Here is a set of skills you can master to conquer cloud computing:


It is the cloud’s capacities to handle humongous volumes of data in one go that makes them perfect for programmers who use them to create, host, and execute new applications. So, programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Perl have made their way into the cloud ecosystem while the familiar favourites – PHP, Java, and .NET are still there.

Acquiring the knowledge and skill of the programme will take you a long way, and you can start with any open-source language with a simple syntax like Python.

Database management:

Since most applications are being developed on the cloud lately, corporations receive immense loads of data which needs to be managed. Hence, if you master the art of setting-up, accessing, and managing data, you can succeed.

The most important aspect here is to excel in the database query languages such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Hadoop that run on SQL.


The demand for professionals with a knack for open-source operating systems, especially Linux, is pretty high. This market attraction is going to last long because the tech giants like Microsoft are focusing on the open-source market.

Consequently, the professional in you should be well-versed with designing, development, administering, managing, and setting up architecture on Linux.

Cloud-based tech and platforms:

For the IT professionals, cloud computing is not a tough nut to crack if they put in some efforts to become proficient with common cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

If you master all three, it will reflect versatility in your CV. 

Data integrations in multi-cloud environment:

The ownership and accessibility of the data stored in various public, private, and hybrid clouds is another task that needs to be managed. Therefore, for becoming a cloud computing professional, you need to become acquainted with the organisation of data coming from multiple vendors, different datacenters, and diverse platforms.

This facilitates the management and amalgamation of awe-inspiring data that have to be protected by a company every day.

Business management and data manipulation:

Managing personnel, communicating with the different levels of management, and negotiation with vendors and buyers are some skills that are quintessential too. This is because data management, creation, development, and design would not work if the entire organisation is not working in complete harmony.

Apart from business soft-skills, cloud computing professionals should be responsible and understand how crucial it is to ensure the complete security of data.

Obtain certifications:

The tech-giants have created their certifications which require you to be on your toes to clear. Therefore, if you are successful in obtaining them, they will add value to your CV. Some of the certifications to help you grow as a professional are: AWS Certification, Google Cloud Certified, and Azure Certification.

If you are determined to excel as in cloud computing, abstain from toiling hard for nothing. It is advisable to focus on one skill at a time and seek guidance from seasoned professionals. 

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