The technical skills that students will develop through this programme will position them well for careers today and in the future

Frances Valintine, Tech Futures Lab

Tech Futures Lab is now part of AWS Academy, a global Amazon Web Services (AWS) programme designed to help students acquire the skills and credentials required to participate in the cloud IT workforce.

Students can now enroll with Tech Futures Lab to gain skills and credentials and help them prepare for industry-recognised AWS Certifications to participate in the rapidly growing cloud computing space.

“Tech Futures Lab was born out of the demand for real-life, applicable knowledge to thrive in the workplace of today and tomorrow. Being among the first institutions to offer AWS Academy curriculum highlights our commitment to offering innovative and relevant training in New Zealand,” says Frances Valintine, Tech Futures Lab founder and CEO.

Tech Futures Lab CEO Frances Valintine
Tech Futures Lab CEO Frances Valintine

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