Secret dossier, Greek philosophy, Vanity Fair: The JEDI cloud procurement has gotten weird

The sniping began as soon as the Pentagon revealed that its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure procurement — a high-profile 10-year, $10 billion commercial cloud computing program to transform the Department of Defense’s IT posture in support of the warfighter — would be structured as a single award rather than multiple contracts to multiple companies.

Some claimed the procurement was specially tailored for Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of internet behemoth Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) and the dominant commercial cloud player. The Pentagon was ignoring industry best practices by insisting on a single award “and all the reasons that they’re citing for the need to do that fly in the face of technical reality,” one executive with a prominent government contractor told me.

That complaint seems tame compared with what’s emerged in recent days.

Defense One and Nextgov, sister publications in Atlantic Media’s Government Executive Media Group, reported Monday…

Read the full story from the Washington Business Journal.

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