Red Hat to Explore Blockchain Software Tracking Benefits for Cloud Computing Usage

Red Hat Considers Blockchain-based Software To Track Cloud Computing Usage

Multinational firm offering open-source software essentials, Red Hat is apparently seeking the help of blockchain technology to better assess consumer usage of cloud computing platforms. News regarding Red Hat’s recent endeavor was publicised via a patent filed with the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, officially dubbed, “Blockchain-based Software Instance Usage Determination,” as of Thursday, August 23.

The reason for considering blockchain stems from the challenges that arise when it comes to keeping track of cloud computing costs. In general, software products are licensed annually and have some fixed fee attached to them. This, however, is not the case with cloud computing, as both the necessary licenses and fees are dependent on usage. Therefore, Red Hat’s need to understand usage in terms of the number of users and amount of time used came about.

“As per the patent details, blockchain can help to identify a plurality of authorized transactions generated within the span,” and the technology also includes a “plurality of blocks of authorized transactions, each authorized transaction authorizing execution of a software instance; and outputting information about software instances identified in the plurality of authorized transactions.”

This is definitely an advantageous move on Red Hat’s part, as it not only allows them to measure traffic, but also attain cost benefits during its operations.

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