Podcast: Cloud Confusion; Pax8 Answers

by Gary Audin

The enterprise may have the staff to pursue the catalog of cloud services. The SMBs and the channels that service the SMBs can be overwhelmed by the cloud choices, not knowing who pursue or who to avoid. When you look at the cloud service market, the SMB landscape has far more businesses and users that the enterprise landscape. There is an opportunity for channels to move from CAPEX to OPEX revenue that can be more profitable.

There was a presentation at the MSP Expo as part of the ITEXPO 19 in Fort Lauderdale FL in January 2019, “Show Me the Money: Ways to Increase Your Company’s Worth” presented by Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8 www.pax8.com. The abstract of the presentation started with “With Gartner expecting cloud migration to affect $1 trillion in IT spending by the end of 2020, it is clear there is money to be made. Cloud computing is one of the most disruptive technologies today, promising lucrative opportunities for those ready to meet this demand.”

This podcast will help you discover ways to lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), set-up winning customer-acquisition budgets, and make the investments necessary to acquire ideal clients. You’ll also learn methods to reduce CAC, build a strategy for increasing the value of your business through monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and adopt new tactics to increase the lifetime value of the customer relationship.

This podcast summarizes the main points made by Ryan at MSP Expo.

Pax8 www.pax8.com is a born in the cloud company; Pax8 empowers businesses to capitalize on the $1 trillion cloud opportunity and achieve more with cloud. Through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and pre-and-post sales support, Pax8 simplifies cloud buying, improves operational efficiency, and lowers customer acquisition cost.

Pax8 is a proven, award-winning disruptor in the market, earning accolades like NexGen’s Best in Show two years in a row, Biggest Buzz at IT Nation, CRN’s Coolest Cloud Vendor, Best in Show at two consecutive XChange conferences, HTG’s Rookie of the Year, and more.

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