Cox Business provides Work-At-Home solutions which help businesses reliably connect with remote employees and customers. [PROVIDED]
Cox Business provides Work-At-Home solutions which help businesses reliably connect with remote employees and customers. [PROVIDED]

As the world continues to grapple with the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, more and more businesses and organizations of all sizes are continuing to ask employees to work remotely.  As working at home becomes more routine, many forward-thinking employers are taking extra measures to ensure employee productivity isn’t hindered by connectivity challenges.

“Successfully empowering home-based workers requires more than just having a laptop and a WiFi connection,” said Eddie Blankenship, interim vice president of Cox Business in Oklahoma. “That’s why managed cloud computing has become the ‘go to’ solution in this environment; it’s what enables employees to work from any location, giving them access via a virtual network to the same information they’d have access to in the office.”

According to Blankenship, cloud technology not only makes for a seamless transition from “office” to “remote,” it also helps increase a company’s overall security level.  “Data security is a huge issue with remote workers,” he said.  “Cloud-based solutions are protected 24/7 by some of the industry’s highest security protocols; whether it’s cybercrime, theft, natural disaster or human error, your data is safe in the cloud.”

While cloud-based solutions continue to be a safe and productive solution for companies with remote workers, reliable connectivity can still be an issue.  Some home-based employees may have other remote workers in the house, along with children who are doing distance learning on the Internet, as well as streaming movies, music and games.   All this activity puts a huge bandwidth strain on a residential network, which can impact an employee’s ability to stay productive.

“Residential networks weren’t designed to provide the dedicated, commercial-grade connectivity a lot of businesses require,” Blankenship said.  “Many companies are realizing that in order to maintain required levels of productivity, a separate internet connection to an employee’s home may be needed.”

Cox Business has taken a proactive role in meeting this need with its Work-At-Home solutions, which helps businesses reimagine how their remote employees connect with both co-workers and customers.  

“Wi-Fi, congestion and security issues continue to be a concern for many companies as more and more employees work from home,” Blankenship said. “Our Work-At-Home solutions separate work and home Internet, which gives home-based employees access to enterprise-grade connectivity and WiFi.”

“If you’re a company whose employees require dedicated speed options from 50 Mpbs to 1Gbps,” he said, “this is a reliable, secure and productive option to consider for home-based employees.” 

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