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C-Level Enterprise Data Center Assessment: A study to address the move from Ethernet wiring for the data center with Cat5e to fiber. The ability to get optics going in the data center depends on automated process in the data center, giving the ability to replace systems that are too slow to manage all the data coming in from smart phones and smart devices with optics, and a new design, a mega data center.

Worldwide existing data centers have become outdated and need to be replaced with cloud computing, but not all cloud computing is the same. Companies that make the right decisions about what kind of data center and cloud computing to embrace are poised to achieve significant growth by leveraging the massive increase in the quantity of digital data to their own competitive advantage. More digital data is coming as a result of video on the Internet, automated cars, smart phones, Internet of Things, and augmented reality. The study is comprised of modules available on a weekly basis, targeted to C-level executives:

CEO, CFO, CIO, and others at that level. The approach is from the business perspective. The study addresses the questions, “What do data center shifts mean to the business?” and “What choice is the best choice for my business?” The base assumption is that because of the huge quantities of data being generated with the digitization of everything, only the mega data centers can handle the IT task. The current IT management will not necessarily embrace that point of view, nor will the vendors backing their trucks up to the are house door every week. The issue is scale, how do you scale the IT by a factor of 100 or 1,000, and cut the costs in half?

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Table of Content

Data Center as a Bottleneck: Executive Summary,
The study is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the Hyperscale Data Centers market segment.
Research represents a selection from the mountains of data available of the most relevant and cogent market materials,
with selections made by the most senior analysts.
Commentary on every aspect of the market from independent analysts creates an independent perspective in the evaluation of the market.
In this manner the study presents a comprehensive overview of what is going on in this market,
assisting managers with designing market strategies likely to succeed., , , ,
Sea Change Series: Cloud 2.0,
Mega Data Centers, ,
Executive Summary,
3, Bottlenecks: Navigating Woods Hole Is Tricky — Potentially Dangerous,
5, Viewed From The Cockpit: The Converging And Diverging Channels Can Look Like A ,
Random Scattering Of Reds And Greens,
6, Using the Red and Green Boys to Navigate,
7, Nine-Foot Bay Of Fundy Tide,
10, Video and Data Streams Create Bottlenecks:,
11, Demand for New Types of Cloud,
11, The Right Type of Cloud: Mega Data Centers, Cloud 2.0,
12, Table of Contents,
13, Mega Data Center Scale and Automation,
22, Only Way To Realign Data Center Cost Structure Is To Automate Infrastructure , Management And Orchestration,
23, Entire Warehouse Building As A Single System,
24, Half a Trillion Dollars,
25, Two Tier Architecture to Achieve Simplicity,
26, Bandwidth and Data Storage Demands Create Need For Application Integration,
27, Cultural Shift,
28, Line of Business Loses Control Of Hardware Servers,
29, Cultural Change Needed to Move to Cloud,
31, Adjusting to Rapid Change,
32, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fully Automatic, Self-Healing, Networked Mega , Systems Inside A Building.,
33, Data Center Design Innovation,
34, Shift To An All-Digital Business Environment,
35, System Operates As A Whole, At Fiber Optic Speeds, To Create A Fabric,
35, Mega Data Center Market Description and Market Dynamics,
36, Advantages of Mega Data Center Cloud 2.0: Multi-Threading,
37, Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Multi-Threading Automates Systems Integration,
38, Advantages of Mega Data Center Cloud 2.0: Scale,
39, Infrastructure Scale,
41, Intense Tide Of Data Causing Bottlenecks,
42, Application Integration Bare Metal vs. Container Controllers,
43, Workload Schedulers, Cluster Managers, And Container Controllers Work Together,
44, Google Kubernetes Container,
45, Google Shift from Bare Metal To Mega Data Center Container Controllers,
46, Mesosphere / Open Source Mesos Tool,
46, Mega Data Center TCO and Pricing: Server vs. Mainframe vs. Cloud vs. Cloud 2.0,
47, Labor Accounts For 75% Of The Cost Of An Enterprise Web Server Center,
48, Cloud 2.0 Systems And The Mainframe Computing Systems Compared,
49, Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Lower Operations Cost,
50, Cloud 2.0 mega Data Center Is Changing the Hardware And , Data Center Markets,
51, Scale Needed to Make Mega Data Center Containers Work Automatically,
52, Multipathing,
53, Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Centers Simple Repetitive Systems,
53, Simplifying The Process Of Handling Load Balanced Requests,
54, Google Servers Are Linked Logically, Each With Their Own Switch,
55, Internet Apps Trillion Dollar Markets,
56, Clos Simplicity,
57, Clos-Based Topologies Increase Network Capacity,
59, Mega Data Centers Embrace Open Source: Scale Is Everything,
60, Open Cloud Server,

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61, Mainframe Provides Security,
62, IBM Mainframe Handles Transactions, Business Analytics, and Mobile Apps,
63, IBM Excels in Mastering Large Size Of Data To Be Managed,
64, Transaction Based Mainframe,
65, Microsoft Market Presence,
66, Observers See Enterprise Data Center Moving to Cloud,
67, Public Cloud Adoption,
68, Microsoft Positioned To Become A Hyperscaler, Open Sourcing Hardware,
69, Google Shift from Bare Metal To Container Controllers,
70, Rapid Cloud Adoption: Google Says No Bare Metal,
71, IBM Uses Bare Metal Servers: Mainframe Not Dead,
72, VMware Photon Controller: Open Source Container Infrastructure Platform,
73, Why Mega-Datacenters?,
74, Data Center Switching,
75, Software-Defined Networks Represent the Future,
76, Broadcom 40 Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transceiver,
78, 40G, 100GBPS Transceivers Evolving Place in Mega Data Center:,
79, NeoPhotonics 400 Gbps CFP8 PAM4,
80, Applications: Equinix and Oracle,
81, Oracle Cloud Platform,
82, Reason Companies Move to Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center,
83, System On A Chip (SoAc),
84, New Class of Low-Power Server SoCs,
85, Optical Transceiver Vendors Have Noticed That Mega Data Centers Are at the , Center of Modern Processing,
86, Fiber High Bandwidth Datacenters,
87, 400 Gbps Headed For The Data Center,
87, 100 Gbps Adoption,
89, Optical Transceiver Vendors Have Noticed That Mega Data Centers Are at the, Center of Modern Processing,
89, Digital Workloads Increasing,
90, Optical Transceiver High Growth as Shift to Cloud Occurs,
91, Google Disruptive Technology: Base Orchestration Enhancements,
92, Digital Realty Trust Lakeside Technology in Chicago: 1.1 Million Square Foot Data Center,
93, Cisco Cloud Index: Cloud Replaces Data Centers,
94, NTT Has Dominant Market Position,
95, Enterprise Networking Rapid Transition,
96, Public Cloud Adoption,
97, Cisco CRS-3 Core Routing Platform,
98, Evolution of Data Center Strategy,
99, Systems Integration,
101, AWS, Amazon Cloud Services Facebook, Google, and Microsoft: AWS leads in , Mega Data Center Infrastructure,
102, Conclusion,
103, Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Evolution,
103, Appendix A,
104, Growth of Quantity of Data,
104, Data Expanding And Tools Used To Share, Store And Analyze Evolving At Phenomenal Rates,
104, Video Traffic,
105, Cisco Analysis of Business IP Traffic,
105, Increasing Video Definition: By 2020, More Than 40 Percent of Connected Flat-, Panel TV Sets Will Be 4K,
113, M2M Applications,
115, Applications, For Telemedicine And Smart Car Navigation Systems, , Require Greater Bandwidth And Lower Latency,
117, Explosion of Data Inside Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center with Multi Threading,
122, Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Multi-Threading Automates , Systems Integration,
122, Fixed Broadband Speeds (in Mbps), 2015-2020,
123, Internet Traffic Trends,
127, Siemens Predicts IoT Growth,
130, Appendix B: Things People Already Know About Cloud Computing,


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