Google Explains Why You Should Care About Cloud Tech

Google is getting ready this week for its Next ’19 global cloud conference with an explanation of why the cloud has made such a difference for business and consumers alike. In a blog post published today, the company asks why the cloud is such a big deal, with Greg Wilson, Director, Cloud Developer Relations, providing the answers.

Before cloud computing, says Wilson, businesses kept fleets of computers, known as ‘servers’, in a dedicated server room or in a nearby data center. But now, with faster computing speed and better internet connections, those same businesses can use cloud servers to build websites and apps, and to provide employees with the software to build them.

“A company’s IT team had to monitor all those computers, network cables and other equipment—and keep it all working for employees, under budget,” writes Wilson. “So that meant that every few years, the IT team bought new computers and took care of any maintenance and upgrades, like adding a new networking line or new software.”

This shift has meant that public crowd providers now allow companies to have access to the newest technology, as soon as it’s released, without waiting years to buy and maintain themselves.

In the last Cisco Global Cloud Index white paper, it was predicted that global data center traffic will grow by three times in the next 5 years. By 2021, the research found, 94% of computing workload will be undertaken by cloud data centers.

Google, along with other online giants, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, offers an extensive list of cloud services to its customers. These run on the same infrastructure it has developed for its own end-user products, such as YouTube and Google Search.

And its not just for businesses. Wilson explains, consumers have also shifted to using the cloud for their everyday storage and computing needs. These include services, such as Google Drive and Google Photos, which allow consumers to make cloud backups of their personal data.

Next ’19 is an annual conference showcasing Google’s latest developments in the cloud space. On this year’s agenda are new enterprise capabilities, new ways of building apps that link people and data, harnessing the natural symbiosis of IoT, Big Data and AI, among many others.

Taking place over 3-days, the conference is expected to see 30,000 attendees who will have the opportunity to take part in hundreds of sessions, panels and tutorials that will teach them about cloud computing. The event goes on in San Francisco starting April 9th.

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