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DURBAN – The Durban University of Technology (DUT) has partnered with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer a curriculum that is dedicated to improving the cloud-computing focused skills. 

DUT is one of three higher education institutes to partner with the UK based academy. 

According to Dr Progress Mtshali, a senior Information Technology lecturer at DUT,  the AWS academy approached DUT’s Information Technology Department about the opportunity to integrate cloud-based technologies and cloud-computing in their curriculum. 

In order for DUT to eligible to have this programme at the institution that had to meet certain requirements including:

1. Accredited post-secondary institutions in eligible countries that offer an undergraduate degree, post-graduate degree, diploma, or continuing education programs in areas of study such as computer science, engineering or disciplines with a cloud computing interest. 

2. Nominate two educators to attain AWS Academy Accredited Instructor status for each AWS Academy Curriculum 

3. Deliver the entire AWS Academy curriculum over a minimum of six weeks. 

The curriculum has been created for higher education institutions to help students develop in-demand cloud computing skills and to get them ready for the industry. 

DUT students will benefit from the theoretical cloud computing knowledge and also hands-on practical experience using the AWS platform which provides more than 100 services. 

Mtshali said, “Students will learn how to provision virtual servers, design and deploy cloud databases, configure cloud-based networks, conduct cloud-based analytics, and many more skills”.

The IT department at the institution has not decided whether the programme will be extended to part-time students but it will start with full-time students. 

Currently cloud-computing will only be available to IT students but the objective is to offer it to other programmes at the university. 

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