ATT TV Cloud Technology Makes Watching Anywhere, Anytime a Reality

“The cloud” is a staple in the lexicon of scary technology buzzwords, surrounded by friends like “internet of things,” “blockchain,” and “automation.” For more than twenty years, new tech devices, services, and products have touted cloud computing as a capability. While it may sound scary complicated, the cloud is actually neither. In fact, it is largely responsible for helping premium video providers like AT&T TV provide revolutionary access to entertainment.

Before you understand how much cloud computing has enabled, first you need to know what it actually is. The cloud is not a singular, omnipotent being that floats through the air. It’s a term that typically refers to data centers where content is hosted and accessed by people remotely using the internet. What does that mean? Any software or service that runs and stores data online, instead of locally on your individual device, is considered a cloud service. These remote servers do the computing and host the storage for whatever it is you are trying to access—whether it’s audio, video, photos, documents, or another type of content. That’s it!

The transition to cloud computing, which took off in the early aughts, allowed businesses to scale by helping users free up space and bandwidth on their own devices. As these companies have moved away from localized hosting and computing, users have become accustomed to certain expectations for speed and quality of data. Today, you no longer need a particularly high-functioning device to access quality content en masse. Plus you have more flexibility—you don’t have to worry about running out of storage due to hardware limitations when the transmission of such content is temporary.

With more capable personal devices permeating the mainstream, streaming media took off. Since the early 2000s, streaming subscription services have eaten into the cable and satellite market share. By 2025, the global streaming video industry is expected to bring in double the revenue recorded in 2019, according to a report by Digital TV Research. The report predicts that the number of US streaming subscriptions will climb from 203 million in 2019 to 317 million by 2025. Boosted by a year of extra time spent indoors thanks to a global pandemic, that scale of growth is only possible through the cloud.

As public affinity for streaming has grown, entertainment providers like AT&T TV have continued to find ways to take advantage of cloud technology. As an alternative to cable television, which relies on physical transmissions, these streaming offerings provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for those who crave more control over their entertainment environment.

Thanks to the cloud, providers like AT&T are able to provide easy access to live and on-demand content anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device with no dish, no cable box, and no appointment necessary.¹ For a service like AT&T TV, which offers more than 140 live channels² and access to 65,000 hours of on-demand content (depending on the plan), all you need to do is plug in and watch with easy self-setup.

Beyond on-demand access to content, the cloud has also created an opportunity to host recorded content that is accessible beyond your TV set. With AT&T TV Cloud DVR, you get up to 500 hours of unlimited simultaneous recordings—from local news, to dueling games, to the soap that aired while you went on a grocery run. No more conflicts means you can watch them anywhere³ you are, on your compatible device. The only catch? To make room for the next 500 hours of content, recordings expire after 90 days—so don’t get too far behind.⁴

Finally, the cloud enables a single streaming provider to provide access to an entire catalog of external applications, from music, movies, and games to podcasts and workout apps. With AT&T TV, for example, you can access more than 7,000 apps on Google Play.⁵

Whether you’re a streaming early adopter or a converted skeptic, you have cloud computing to thank for creating the infrastructure for services like AT&T TV to be able to bring together movies, news, and live sports, plus access to the most talked-about original content.⁶ Reach for the sky, and take advantage of the unprecedented access to your favorite entertainment in one place. It’s all silver linings from here.

Internet + AT&T TV Entertainment Package

Get 65+ essential channels with internet

Monthly rate for 12 mos. plus taxes w/24-mo. TV agmt. Prices higher in 2nd year. $10/mo. internet equip. fee applies.* Ltd avail./areas. See details.

  1. Available only in the U.S. (excl. Puerto Rico & U.S.V.I) Requires compatible device & data connection.
  2. On Premier package.
  3. Available only in the U.S. (excl. Puerto Rico & U.S.V.I.). Requires compatible device & data connection.
  4. Data connection required. In a series recording, max 30 episodes stored (oldest deleted first which may be in less than 90 days). Restrictions apply.
  5. Google login required.
  6. Separate subscription/login required for 3rd party app content.

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