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Quite recently I was asked the following question on Quora:

What is the role of blockchain in revolutionizing mobile app development?

Being a blockchain enthusiast and someone who has always advocated the integration of this technology in every industry possible, I felt like it was important for me to demonstrate how exactly blockchain could transform this space for the better.

We are often skeptical about anything that we do not understand, we fear the unknown. Which is why I believe that now more than ever, there is a need to educate and make people aware of the pandora’s box, that this technology is.

As we are already aware of the potential of blockchain technology beyond being the bedrock for cryptocurrencies, it is safe to assume that it can prove to be extremely useful in the mobile app development sector. I’ll try to list out a few of the reasons below, why I think blockchain will make for an incredible asset for mobile app developers:

  1. Those looking to make decentralized apps, cannot wish for a better technology than blockchain. By the virtue of it being based on a distributed ledger technology, the digital information stored on a blockchain is accessible by all but cannot be tampered with, because of its immutable nature.
  2. By storing data on a blockchain, the developer can ensure traceability, transparency, and autonomous use for the people using the app. Changes can and will be made via consensus of stakeholders, without any single owner’s hegemony. This ensures a democratic setup.
  3. The peer-to-peer architecture as opposed to a client/server architecture makes it a secure space for transactions to be carried out, without the need of a middle man or a third party.
  4. In a distributed database system, there is very limited scope for a single owner to collect and monopolize data, or use it in a manner which could potentially expose sensitive information of the users. Thus blockchain would ensure a decentralized and democratic app that would be run by a community of people.

That brings me to the argument that I am trying to make here, about how the fundamental nature of the technology is such, that no matter whichever industry it is incorporated in, it holds the potential to completely revolutionize and transform the way we have been doing things traditionally.

And this change is definitely for the better.

Not just in the sector of development, blockchain has time and again proved its mettle in various industries. I definitely believe that its disruptive nature could bring about an incredible change in the space of mobile app development.

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