Republican Central Committee to host speakers on Blockchain technology Aug. 22

The Carson City Republican Central Committee will host speakers on Blockchain technology at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 22 in the Fandango Ballroom, 3800 S. Carson St. to address this new technology and why the public should care. Just as the Internet has changed how we intersect with others in our work and personal communities, Blockchain will affect many aspects of our lives such as how we own property; how our driver’s licenses are stored in DMV; how our important documents and contracts are kept; how food is traced from farm to market; how health care records are managed; how intelligent communities will be built as close as Reno.

Blockchain may affect all aspects of our lives, and not many regulations currently provide oversight of this emerging business. If you are alarmed by the intrusiveness of Google and Facebook today, which was not imagined by anyone 10-15 years ago, you will want to learn about Blockchain technology, how laws passed by the Nevada Legislative influence this industry and how companies like Blockchain LLC are developing strategies to embed themselves in our daily activities.

Elisa Cafferata, principal of Cafferata & Corp Inc., will show videos on the basics of this technology, show examples how this technology will be used, explain the new laws passed by the Nevada Legislature related to this industry, and have Blockchain LLC tell us what they are doing in Northern Nevada. Cafferata will be joined by Sen. Ben Kieckhefer who sponsored the legislative bills and Matthew Digesti is the vice president of government affairs and strategic initiatives of Blockchain LLC.

Admission is free to all attendees.

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