OPEN Platform reveals its OPEN Blockchain Innovation Labs — a research and development oriented arm committed to staying on the leading edge of blockchain technology for industry use cases. OPEN has diligently been developing groundbreaking work at its OPEN Blockchain Innovation Labs, and they are ready to begin releasing specific projects and partnerships they have been advancing.

OPEN Blockchain Innovation Labs (BIL) has a series of partnerships, collaborations and support initiatives in development with a number of tier one academic entities across the globe.

Spirited from the team’s background of prestigious organizations such as the Blockchain Research Institute, this move reinforces OPEN’s protocol chain in development. BIL is working on groundbreaking ideas in the space including cross-chain atomic swaps, distributed data protocols, and many other emerging ideas.

As blockchain interest continues to grow, OPEN Platform believes that academic institutions and their research faculties are key elements in pioneering new innovations for blockchain technology — whether it be the evolution of crypto payments through applications in mainstream industries, scaling the throughput of current blockchains, or helping with breakthrough protocol developments.

This is why OPEN is thrilled to announce their research collaboration with the Viterbi School of Engineering at the prestigious University of Southern California. USC is the first of many prestigious universities that OPEN is planning to collaborate with, as they continue to discover more breakthroughs and further the Blockchain space.


OPEN Blockchain Innovation Labs has committed funding to ensure that universities like USC can stimulate dialogue between students and faculty that potentially leads to technical development on novel topics.

As OPEN surges through its technical roadmap, the team at OPEN continues to work on the toughest and most novel concepts in the industry, ultimately looking to push the entire blockchain ecosystem forward. Similar to how OPEN Platform is bridging various blockchain protocols, BIL is bringing together the brightest minds in the space to catalyze innovation. OPEN plans on revealing many of its partnerships soon!

The Future is OPEN!

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