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Kim Dong Oh, CEO of Cube System Co., Ltd.

Cube System Co., Ltd.

SEOUL, South Korea, April 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cube Chain, a unique blockchain ecosystem, has officially announced the launch of Test-net. The new platform will allow users high transaction per second (TPS) and rapid searches when using blockchain. The new technology will also revolutionize the use of blockchain as it combines five essential services into one user experience.

Cube Chain offers users a blockchain based social network (Qblog), peer-to-peer transaction messenger (CubeChat), AI Service Manager (ASM), integrated login system (SignOne), and a service that verifies the authenticity of products sold on its ecommerce platform (Cube Chain Product). The five services give individuals a more user-friendly environment when conducting transactions and searches on blockchain.

The services provided by Test-net are fueled by revolutionary blockchain technology which boasts concurrent block creation. Cube Chain creates 24 data and special blocks and places them into a “cube”. The special blocks are made up of a data index block, data statistics processing block, and an escrow function block.

Cube Chain platform is a 100% self-developed program by Cube Chain and the company made no use of open source material in its development. Cube Chain’s developers created a unique algorithm to build the platform and services offering users a one of a kind experience.

In addition to the five services provided by Cube Chain’s platform, users can experience over 10,000 TPS when using the technology.

“Cube Chain, as a global blockchain, has the potential for a variety of different applications while working with various industries focusing on the e-commerce field thanks to its multiple security levels, fast processing speeds, and diverse applications,” Kim Dong Oh, CEO of Cube System, said. “We have developed a user-friendly, corporation-friendly, and developer-friendly blockchain, that will allow it to become mainstream. It will gradually offer a more complete service to users.”

Cube Chain will allow blockchain users more information on transactions, while giving greater detail on Cube Chain Wallet on the blockchain.

For more information on the revolutionary Test-net of Cube Chain, please visit .

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