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With the internet coming out things moved faster and that allowed video game makers and creative developers to allow connecting their game on all of their devices with one login id, this means that now the industry lets users connect their games on their tab, phone and computer via Facebook and Gmail. This allowed for games like FarmVille and Candy Crush Saga to become such enormous hits. This also meant that developers can monetize better with the in-app purchases.

After game developers became aware of this, they tried to capitalize on the moment and then tried to create games that allowed users to purchase upgrades and items with fiat currency. But, fiat is never good enough.

Gamers essentially beta-tested digital currency, and now they’re testing the possibilities of the blockchain. People will soon be using it to tokenize assets within a game. The whole world will now have games that are connected to each other, assets that can be shared in games, not just in the same game but also in all similar games, these collective assets like fine swords, collectibles, and game cards can be so dynamic that all games can be boiled down to one single most huge, bigger than ever game with several mini worlds within it, just like our real world.

There is now a crossover between the in-game reality and reality of the user. 

People already obsessed over strategy games, tycoon games, uncanny real life like reel games, this helped them live in a real world look alike fantasy, that was actually much easier, cleaner, better, the world was what they wanted it to be. Not more not less, the experience only diversified and richened with time.

The interactive games, beautiful graphic, comfortable consoles, great environments such as good looking tv lounges and bedrooms, ease and speed allowed people to actively live on the internet more consciously and cautiously than their own realities.

Today’s Ethereum blockchain based games that have whole estates based on them, the VR so good that you confuse it for the real shit, even more, the game reality stronger and better than ever, powered by internet money called the bitcoin or ethereum and Metamask enabled to give us glimpses into the future. This is a new milestone in community building and future of gaming. We have surely come a long way.

How do you like this breakthrough? We are surely obsessed! Anyone would be.

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