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To see all 42 lists in the 2021 Book of Lists, download it in Excel or PDF format (but the first step is to become a Crain’s Data Member). But for now, here’s a quick taste of what’s in the Cross-Industry Data section.


In this section you’ll find some of the biggest, broadest lists we publish.

For instance, this year’s Privately Held Companies list includes 
133 businesses from all industries, and the Excel version includes even more. Likewise, our 100 Largest Northeast Ohio Employers list naturally stops at 100, but the Excel version tops out at 157. And neither is as large as our Minority-Owned Business Directory, 
with 185 entries. 

But while our lists grew this year, many of the companies on them shrank due to the coronavirus pandemic: Local employment on the top 100 list fell just 0.66% in the 12 months ending June 30, 2020, but the drops were bigger on the full Privately Held list (-2.9%) and the Manufacturing Companies list (-5.2%). — Chuck Soder

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