LONDON–()–Tellimer Group (Tellimer), the London-headquartered financial technology, data and information provider, has today launched its proprietary data extraction and structuring tool, Parsel.

As big data collection and management continues to inundate and challenge businesses around the world, the need to efficiently recover information from large, unstructured datasets is paramount. Using advanced AI algorithms and the latest optical character recognition technology, Parsel analyses tabular data trapped in PDFs and other image files and produces easy-to-read, editable tables of structured information in minutes, in a range of file formats including Excel (XLSX), Comma-Separated Values (CSV), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Uniquely, Parsel’s algorithms require no prior training on datasets and are benchmarked at an industry-leading 96.6% accuracy on financial documents — with an average of 91.6% across all tested documents — saving users a great deal of time in spot checks and corrections. Parsel also utilises the latest data security practices as standard, encrypting data both in-transit and at-rest, storing all information in a fully secure cloud environment.

Duncan Wales, CEO of Tellimer Group, said: “Parsel equips users with the ability to realise the hidden value in their unstructured data, and was created with analysts and finance professionals in mind. Whether it is company financial reports, financial and legal documentation or colossal macroeconomic datasets trapped in PDF documents, Parsel will improve business efficiency and save users time, effort and money when working with big data.”

Ian Watt, Chief Product Officer of Tellimer Group, said: “Parsel is our first truly dedicated technology product and we believe we’ve built something ground-breaking. Combining technologies at the vanguard of machine-learning and optical character recognition, we expect Parsel to become an essential workflow tool for data professionals everywhere.”

Parsel is the latest proprietary fintech product from Tellimer Technologies, following the launch of their comprehensive content authoring, distribution and analytics platform Tellimer Engage and market-leading investment research platform Tellimer Insights earlier in 2020.

Over 1000 subscriber organisations, which include the world’s premier investment institutions, already use Tellimer’s proprietary technology platform to connect to and locate unique data and insights provided by Tellimer and a growing network of banks, financial firms, think tanks, government and supranational agencies, and independent research providers.

About Tellimer

Founded in April 2019 by Duncan Wales, the company’s CEO, and Ian Watt, the Group’s Chief Product Officer, Tellimer is a London headquartered fintech that empowers the world’s investment and finance professionals with the technology, information, and data they need to succeed. Its online investment research platform, Tellimer Insights, connects over 5000 investors to the expertise they need to make better business decisions, all from the convenience of their smart device. The world’s premier financial institutions rely on its proprietary technology to distribute complex information to their global clients and its AI-powered data extraction tool, Parsel, enables businesses worldwide to structure big data quickly and easily, saving them time and money.


Tellimer | Parsel

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