Nano-LC: Big Data From Tiny Volumes

There has been much progress and innovation in mass spectrometry especially for proteomics and protein analysis. Researchers are pushing the boundaries of scientific research — multiplexed quantitation of low abundance peptides in complex matrices, characterization of positional isoforms of intact proteins, protein structure characterization and deep mining of post-translational modifications are few examples. Innovations in mass spectrometry have continued to deliver new levels of sensitivity, selectivity and versatility to enable life scientists to obtain the highest quality data to better enable our understanding of life and to better human health.

However, there has been less focus and emphasis placed on the separations of peptides and proteins prior to analysis by mass spectrometry in terms of the nano-LC chromatography systems and columns contributing to proteomics performance. One half of the LC-MS combination has essentially been neglected.

A variety of examples provided in a recent eBook show that the combination of nano-LC and MS has proven a major boon for efforts to thoroughly dissect proteomes in both basic and clinical research settings. Nano-LC is essential for achieving optimal sensitivity for the typically small sample quantities employed in proteomics research.

Today, the combination of MS and nano-LC has moved from the cutting edge to become a routinely-used technology. Ongoing advances in nano-LC technology are now enabling research that promises to be transformative in terms of moving proteomics from basic research, to large scale translational research, and finally to the clinic, where it can greatly advance the quality and precision of medical care.

This e-book attempts to educate and inform on the significance of liquid chromatography to proteomics, in particular reversed-phase nano-LC directly coupled to MS. Download Now>

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