Empowering Businesses Through Innovative Big Data Solutions

Founded in 2012 in San Jose, California, A3Cube apprehends the critical role of data to change every aspect of modern society and the imperativeness to generate value from it.

The company transforms data into real concrete values for the customers, to empower everyday businesses. A3Cube’s key solutions are specifically tailored for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, High-Performance Computing, and includes Consulting, Implementation and Hardware, featuring a triumphant holistic approach.

Within a few years since its establishment, the visionary approach of the company has helped it to grow to one of the most innovative and promising companies in the industry. A3Cube established its European subsidiary in Italy in 2019, however, counts on dealers located all over the world.

A3Cube overcomes the limitations of data extraction and computational power. The company aims to enable the big data revolution to solve the most demanding computing, analytics, virtualization and data-driven problems, with uniquely optimized systems that have no comparison in today’s market proposal. A3Cube has designed a new revolutionary system architecture: the future “elastic” machine that can boost the performance of hardware and network resources and deliver 10x to 100x higher performance at a fraction of the costs.


A Visionary Leader

Antonella Rubicco is the CEO and Co-founder of A3Cube Inc. Along with engineer Emilio Billi, the Co-founder and CTO of A3Cube, she started to investigate the field in 1996. Antonella spent all her time studying and approaching new technologies.

Since the beginning, Antonella has led the development and execution of the company’s overall strategy. Over the years, to gain more confidence in her role, she earned several specializations in Business & Management, covering all aspects of leadership. Antonella also focused on Communication & Marketing, citing that a good CEO has to be best-prepared.


Acquiring Business Traits From Real Life Experiences

Antonella’s past experiences taught her that almost nothing can be planned. She says that her life and A3Cubes’ story have been an unexpected journey. Over the years, Antonella recounts learning that one can try best to set the path for the future, but everything can change and they’d better be ready to adapt.

She mentions that the hardest choice for her was to leave Italy – her motherland and to start her business at Silicon Valley. However, Antonella cites that it was the only way to grow as an entrepreneur. Italy, at that time, was not ready to accept her groundbreaking ideas.


Understanding the Power of an Intuitive Mind

The primary challenge Antonella faced during her journey was gaining trust. She excalims  that everyone told she couldn’t turn her ideas into a business. But, Antonella made it possible.

“So never give up and be hardly focused on your aim. Every time I am in doubt, I listen to those voices inside my head and my heart: intuition and recklessness!”, she mentions.


Innovation Through Aligned Teamwork

Antonella elucidates that the company is trying to be up-to-date on everything happening in the world, focusing on innovation and technology. She believes that the founders’ disruptive thinking lets the company always be a step ahead, and anticipate trends and the market’s needs. Antonella apprises that she counts on an experienced team with more than 20 years of operating expertise in developing and marketing high-tech enterprise products.


Technology as a Precursor to New Leadership Roles

Antonella observes that data growth, digital transformation, converging high-performancce  computing and artificial intelligence workloads are giving rise to new and increasingly complex questions. They are transforming every industry and field of inquiry from small to large. She shares that addressing these new realities means completely rethinking computing.

Antonella opines that AI-based tools are now a flourishing market, gradually bringing a drastic change in demand.

“We could rely on technology to improve our skills and results, and even to predict, with a high degree of certainty, what would be possible in the years to come”, says Antonella.

Antonella reckons that over the years, the role of a leader has changed. She points that now a leader has to always push for new challenges, even taking the risk, think out-of-the-box and be a driving fuel for the entire team.


Encompassing Transformational Leader Attributes

Antonella asserts that every leader should be passionate, fully engaged and committed, and always be enthusiastic, visionary and have fun in everyday life.


Thriving Through Disruptive Technology

Antonella is proud of the fact that the company is earning trust and respect, and becoming more and more distinguished as a reference in this business.

“We want to lead the era of AI revolution!” she adds.

In the future ahead, Antonella wants to settle the A3Cube Innovation Park; embodying the company’s value and vision. She asserts that there can be no innovation and progress without environmental protection and that people need the beauty of nature to create disruptive solutions and ideas.

A3Cube’s Innovation Park is situated near the company’s European subsidiary, in the heart of the Ticino Valley in Italy, where the greenery of the park is the perfect place to stimulate the brain and creativity.

“A3Cube Innovation Park is the natural evolution of our project: when we started this adventure in 1996, we had two primary goals: to turn ordinary servers into extraordinary supercomputers and to create a hub for talented people. ”


Word of Wisdom for Young leaders

Antonella advises budding CEOs to follow instincts, not to be conscious, and take advantage of the opportunities.

And above all, a winner leader can’t reach the top without the support of the team: you need the right people in the right roles!

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